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    She let a woman die. And now she's taken her lover.

Tessa Craig is an ambitious psychiatrist who makes a deadly error of judgment, wrecking the lives of others and leaving her own life irrevocably changed. Recklessly, in a last attempt to restore the balance of her life, she sets out to meet Ben Connelly, the man she has so terribly wronged.

"A terrifically readable novel. What a storyteller Leroy is, and what an eye she has for contemporary life, not just the horror of it, but the beauty as well."
Fay Weldon

The idea for the story came to me as a picture - a very clear image in my mind of a woman: all I knew about her to start with was that she was a doctor and that she had long black hair. She led me into a story about a love affair that I discovered to be altogether darker and more morally ambiguous than I had at first supposed.
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